How does your teams skills stack against the best in the industry? See how and where they rank with the premiere Skill Analytics Platform.

Discover your employees industry rank by using Project Scores & reports TM to measure their skills. Host your projects and our algorithm will assign top ranked industry professionals to collaborate with your team. Push your all stars to their potential and add new industry all stars to your team. Score all completed tasks and use the data to recruit the best players in the industry like a fantasy sports team owner.

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Skill Analytics are provided in 3 layers.

Project Scores & Reports

Shows the skill levels of employees and candidates, indicating where they rank in their industry's.


Candidate Collaboration 

Teams of top candidates are assigned to tasks and scored alongside current employees.

Performance Recruiting

Use Project Scores & Reports to recruit the best players like a fantasy sports team owner.

Project Score breakdown


See where your employees rank in comparison to the best in the industry. 

Knowing exactly where your best employees rank allow you to gauge your training programs, the hiring bar within your company and identify personnel that need improvement.

Discover top scorer’s in your industry and host projects to see how they perform with your team.

Raise the talent bar within your company with unlimited candidate collaboration to see how the best in the industry perform with your team. Find the best team members on the planet that are in sync with your team.


Use data to make better decisions because Skill Analytics allow you to recruit like a fantasy sports team.  

Improve your best players and find your next all stars with the world premiere Skill Analytic platform. Have the best team possible, all the time.


Unlimited Projects allow your organization to power up as it gains deeper insights on current staff and new players. 

Create a project, designate sprint cycle and add tasks. our state of the art software will pick the best players to collaborate on your project.

Unlimited 1 click recruiting with Project Scores & Reports make adding all stars to your team easy.

If you like a team member on the platform that you've collaborated with, click a button and let them know you are interested. Start working on your all star team.

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